FdA Web Design Course @ Wakefield College

This website has been created by students from Wakefield College’s FdA Web Design course.

FdA Web Design is a Higher Education, Foundation Degree qualification, based at the College’s City Campus. The course was invited to undertake this project because the College is a partner in The Lightwaves Community Trust which runs the Leisure Centre.

FdA Web Design prepares its students for employment in the Creative & Digital Industries, and approximately 85% of its graduates progress directly into related employment a�� many of those before they have even finished the course. This includes job roles such as web designer, web developer, front-end developer, graphic designer, digital marketer and small business owner.

Consequently, FdA Web Design has won a reputation for being one of the best web design courses in the UK.

The course has an intrinsic employability ethos and works closely with a network of professionals and alumni to ensure that the skills taught always mirror those being used in industry. A important study component is the a�?Commercial Web Projects’ module during which the course effectively becomes a small digital agency, creating websites for a variety of local, regional, and occasionally, national clients. It allows us to be involved in projects such as this.

Commended by the External Examiner as the a�?best work-related learning format he has seena��, the course also benefits from award-winning employer engagement. Dave Pannell a�� one of our Industrial Advisers a�� won a West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network award for his work with us.

The course supports Cognitiv a�� an industry group created to put the spotlight on Wakefielda��s Creative, Digital & IT sectors.